Grabs pictures, movies, Flash and more from any website with ONE click!

All new 1ClickPicGrabber v3.5 with FloatBar! - Pimping your ride since 2002!

If you have ever tried saving images or files from a webpage, then you know this can sometimes be a frustrating process. You forget where you saved the file, the download stops or fails for some reason and you have a billion Internet Explorer downloader windows in your Taskbar. But no more! 1ClickPicGrabber is here to help you in your daily tasks, and making downloading files from the web easier than you could ever imagine.
Click the images below to see the main components of 1CPG in more detail:

 It's straight in yo browsa'!

 Background downloader!


We have made an IE Toolbar that is genuinely USEFUL for a change...

  • Save large amounts of pictures or movies from a website in a single click for easy download in the background (and there's plenty of filters to ensure you only get the good stuff)
  • The easiest and simplest downloader application User Interface ever conceived!
  • As 1CPG integrates straight in your browser, then there is NO external application to worry about or switch to.
  • Automatic gallery and playlist generator makes it easy to view entire series of images and movies in a single click after download
  • Grab any filetype option in the toolbar enables you to grab any file you can think of from a page like par exemple mp3/zip/etc. !
  • And finally, the Grabber is a much more reliable download tool than Internet Explorer itsef

With FloatBar you can now grab and manipulate embedded content on websites such as:


The first ever FloatBar for Internet Explorer gives you DIRECT control of embedded video and Flash!

  • Save any embedded movie in any format such as Flash, Quicktime etc. with the new FloatBar! (except Real media. Real sucks...)
  • Pick out individual pictures very easily with the new FloatBar
  • Download anything that a thumbnail may link to in a single click (smart autodetection technology)
  • Zoom individual pictures directly in your browser and easily maximise a picture to fit the screen

And with PasteCards we make E-cards cool again...

PasteCards is an independent part of 1ClickPicGrabber which along with our cool picture grabbing functionality gives you a kick-ass easy to use E-Card system straight in your browser. Now you can send any picture you bump into on the web to your friends, or even movies and flash in a single click using the cool new FloatBar!

Click here to read more about all the cool stuff PasteCards can do!

Compatible with:

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